Sunday, January 1, 2012

True Prince

You guys must know by now that I have been crazy...about an upcoming speech tournament.  This past week I was freaking out like I have literally never done before in my life.  I was nearly sick a few times, could barely eat anything all week and was, in all honesty, wondering how God could ever help me to pull things together in time.

I had a Duo to memorize, block and figure out voices for.  I had a twelve and a half minute Persuasive that needed to be cut down to ten minutes and memorized and I had a ton of Apologetics cards that I needed to get done.

All by January third.

Now, I know that this can be done, and is often done by "speechers."  I've done close to this before, myself.  I don't know what it was, but something was keeping me from trusting God.  I was at the point of almost asking my mom if my sister and I could drop the Duo; I had actually asked my sister about it.

And then, as always, God came through.

He did a miracle, actually.  It still blows my mind.  Really, it's totally unbelievable.

I was sitting on FaceBook a few days ago and a friend of mine asked how ready I was for the tournament.

I'm an honest person. hehehe =)

So, he offered to help me cut my Persuasive.  He asked for a deadline and I told him the next night, which he said was totally fine.

He had my impossible speech cut by eight o'clock the next evening.

It is now almost exactly ten minutes.  Our Duo is now blocked, voices chosen and both speeches are being memorized.

This may not sound like the perfect miracle to you, but I can't even tell you what this did to my trust in God.

I've probably posted on this blog about trust more than anything else.  I guess it's probably because I struggle with trust more than anything else that I can think of right now.  I like to have things under control.  I like to be able to take care of things, and have them work out perfectly.  I never thought I was much of a control freak, but now that I really think about it, I totally am.

When my life starts to fall apart and my plans crumble, my first instinct is to loose it.  I end up paralyzed by my fear of failure, and as the result, I end up getting nothing done, instead of trying harder.

Right at the last minute, though, my True Prince rides in on His glorious white steed, sweeps me off my feet, tells me that all is well and fixes everything that I thought was un-fixable.  Every time.

This is the God I serve.

Over and Out,


P.S.  Sorry about the lack of posts lately, life sure can get crazy sometimes.  I'll try to post again soon.  =)

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