Friday, March 16, 2012

My Amazing Brother...

I have a few pretty wonderful brothers, but Johnny has really been melting my heart lately.

Tell me, how could that face not melt my heart?

Isn't he adorable?

This morning, while my mother was attempting to read aloud from Galatians to us, Johnny was running around, telling us all about his, "car book," and being quite the distraction.  If he wasn't so cute, we wouldn't get distracted so easily, but...

In an attempt to distract him for a little while I asked him to, "Help Emmy with her coffee."  He was thrilled!  He helped me pick up my mug, bring it to my lips and set it back down every fifteen seconds until we were done reading.  He felt like a man, helping Emmy with the (very) important task of drinking her coffee.

He's my hero. =)

Over and out,



  1. this is so cute!! i so wish i had a little brother, but instead i just have a few beautiful boys i've adopted, i love on em' every chance i get!

  2. I've always wished we could adopt, but yes, Johnny is pretty adorable. =)