Sunday, September 18, 2011

So Many Little Things

"I aw-most see it!"  The words were lisped by a little boy I watched yesterday.  He and his older brother (two and three and a half years) spent the day with us.  The two munchkins, along with Johnny, were outside playing with dump-trucks, mini hockey sticks and empty water guns while I read them a story.  About halfway through reading one of them jumped up and yelled excitedly, "It's a snake!"  And so, the chase began.  We followed after it as it slithered in and out of the same tree trunk about five times and then, finally, found its way under our garden shed.

The sweet two year old bent himself in half trying to see that poor snake.  "I aw-most see it!"  My heart nearly melted.  Had I been on my own I would have quickly found a new place to read, but to these boys that snake was an adventure.

"What kind is it?"
"He's a Garter snake."
"Is he a bad one?"

In almost no time at all their short attention spans found a new adventure, the garden.  "Can we go look at those blackberries?"  We did more than look, we ate quite a few.  And then it was the kittens, the bunnies, a "walk" in the wagon, a little scooter, the dump-trucks again, Thomas the tank engine, a Veggie Tale, the kittens again, along with another visit to the bunnies, and another ride in the wagon.  Everything that we came across was a new adventure.

I was reminded of the beauty in life.  In everything that is to be had there is something beautiful.  A Garter snake, a rusty old wagon, a stick.  They saw the adventure in everything. 

Over and Out,


P.S. Like the new design?  I know, I change it too much... I also added something to the sidebar.  I haven't been acting very thankful lately, so I decided to add that and try to change it each time I post.  I also added a few blogs to the "You Ought to Visit..." (Which I just re-named) and changed the "About Me," (which is also re-named)...lots of changes. Enjoy!              


  1. Yes it looks so much better. Don't change it.

    Adventure is out there!

  2. special. :) I just finished writing a post about the little joys in life. what a "coincidence."