Thursday, August 25, 2011


Okay, you all have my permission to be proud of me...hehehe =)  No, really.  I'm trying to learn to write music!!!  This is an incredible feat for me, too, because I don't even know how to read music =P  Yeah, I know, I'm strange...  I have these "songs" that keep popping into my head and I know that if I don't get them down on paper I'll forget them. 

Wow, sheet music is SO crazy!  I am thoroughly impressed with all of you lovely, musically talented people out there =)

I'll let you know if this comes to anything, but it's awfully fun to try learning!

Over and out,



  1. That's funny. I sometimes get tunes popped in my head too, but I never really write it down. Maybe I should..hmm...

    (btw) the handwriting font is really cool, but I think you should have a more traditional font for the posts. It works just fine for the sidebar and the headers, but the body text doesn't look all that great in that font. Just my opinion. :P

  2. I would LOVE to hear some of your songs! :) Props to you for trying - I don't even get that far. :)

  3. Thanks guys! Who knows how this will turn Yes, Hannah, I will have to play them for you...once they're done =)

    Raymond, I generaly only use this font for small posts, such as this one. For my longer ones I use boring =)

  4. How wonderful!! Emily, I am proud of you. :D Writing music is rewarding, believe me. You'll be glad you learned FACE and EGBDF. :)